So I just have to say this….

Please don’t steal my writing guys..

It’s not specifically on Tumblr, but on other websites where I’m seeing my preferences word for word, as in people are just copying and pasting. At least give me credit if you’re going to put it on another website? (Yes I do have a Quotev, and I see them..) If you link me or give me credit, okay thats cool. But when I go on and see someone who has taken over 20 of my preferences and claimed them for their own, I just…I don’t know guys. It makes me pretty unmotivated knowing that someone is just going to copy and paste them onto their own profile.. I hope I’m not out of line by saying this and that you guys will support me..

If you see anyone doing this, either tell me or just ask them to kindly give me credit? Thanks to the people who’ve been with me, even when I took breaks. I appreciate you guys so much.

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