You get in a severe car crash (Requested!)

Scott: “Yeah I’ll be over in a few minutes,” you smiled into your phone, as your best friend Scott was on the other side. He had asked if you wanted to come over for a movie night, and you instantly agreed. As you got in your car, buckling up quickly before shoving your key in the ignition, you couldn’t help but keep that smile on your face. Scott and you hadn’t really had a lot of alone time due to constant threats facing Beacon Hills, and you were just grateful for one night. Scott’s house wasn’t very far from yours, just a few minutes down the main road. As you were going down the main road, you went under a green light, and everything seemed to go in slow motion. You looked to your left and saw a truck coming directly towards you, despite the red light they had. The next thing you knew, you were struggling to breathe, the car’s weight pressing down on yourself. The last thing you heard were screams, before everything went black.

Stiles: “Are you serious?” You asked Stiles through your phone. “Yeah, just come over and I’ll show you,” he said dead serious as you got out of your bed groggily. It was after midnight, and Stiles had called you saying he thought he found something that might help defeat Jackson aka, the kanima. “Ugh, okay,” you said tiredly, slipping on your converses, before sneaking out of your bedroom. “But I’m wearing my pajamas,” you told him as he laughed. You both said your goodbyes, before you got in you car. You started it up, praying that it didn’t wake your parents, before you pulled out of your driveway and started on your way to Stiles’. You pulled up to a red light, drumming your fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. A few seconds went by, before you saw headlights in your rearview mirror. The were approaching fast, and suddenly, your car was spinning into the intersection, your head slamming into the car window.

Derek: “What?!” You screamed at Derek as he stood in the middle of the room, his arms crossed. “You heard me,” he said grimly, as your eyes burned into him. He had barged into the loft, saying that you needed to leave out of the blue. You had no where to go. Both your parents were dead, and ever since Derek bit you, you had just been living with him. You didn’t even know what to say as you both stood their, silence hanging in the air. “Fine,” you spat out, not knowing what else to say, slipping on your shoes and picking up your car keys, “But don’t expect me coming back,” you added. Derek and you had had fights before, usually ending in you storming out, only to come back a few days later. But not this time. He said nothing at all as you slammed the door shut behind you, walking over to your car, and shoving the keys in the ignition rather harshly. You sped down the road, probably faster then you should have been going, but not a care in the world about it. As you were coming up to a bend, you let go of the gas, leaning your foot on the brake, only for your car to continue speeding. You pumped your foot on the brake peddle even harder, as if it would make a difference. You breaks had given out, and before you knew it, everything was fuzzy, as a shock of pain ran up your side.

Isaac: “You’re doing what?!” you said pretty loudly down your phone as Isaac sighed on the other end. “Don’t worry about it (y/n), it’s not a big deal,” he said, trying to assure you. “Oh yeah, cause going and fighting the alpha pack isn’t a big deal,” you scoffed, already walking towards your car, your keys in hand. “I’m coming over,” you said, indicating you were coming to Derek’s loft. “(y/n),” Isaac started, before you cut him off. “Look, if all you guys are going off to fight with the werewolves on steroids, I’m at least waiting at the loft till you get back,” you said, knowing if you weren’t, you would just think the worst and go insane with worry. “Fine,” he said, making you break a smile. “Good, I’ll be over in a few,” you said, hanging up and tossing your phone on the passengers seat. The rain pounded down on your car as you sped down the highway, your windshield wipers going full blast. As you came up to a stop sign, you stepped on you breaks, only for a screech to come from your tires as you slid down the road. You tried using your emergency break, but as you went to pull it, your car did a 360, going head on with a tree. You head slammed into the steering wheel, as you felt blood begin finding it’s way down your forehead.


Part 2 maybe? Like from his POV? And that’ll tie in with another request I got: ‘you get hurt and he confesses his feelings’? ;)

Let me know what you guys think(:

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